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Snow foam vehicles bodywork & wheel

arches to re-move dirt and grit then hand

wash body with pH neutral shampoo.

Clean wheels, tyres, and all door shuts.

Hand dry vehicles body with super premium

Micro-Fibre towel.

Clay-bar paintwork to remove bonded


Apply a pre-wax treatment to aid the bonding

of wax or sealer.

Apply premium carnauba wax or paintwork

sealer to all painted surfaces & door shuts.

Dress tyres and all rubber trims with a long

life rubber treatment.

Polish all chrome & stainless steel trims.

Treat alloy wheels with CG wheel guard.

Polish windows inside & out.

Treat exterior glass with a premium water

repellent treatment.

New Car Detail

From £80.00

This detail is designed to protect your new vehicle from the very start, as most new vehicles are delivered with very little paintwork protection and lot of the time they have bonded contaminants on the bodywork.

This is due mainly to vehicles being delivered to dealerships all over the UK via railway, rail track dust and industrial fallout are the two main contaminants that I remove from new vehicles.

Below I have tailor made a detail for the new vehicle in mind.